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Welcome to Wynn Counseling and Psychological Services.

Whether you are interested in counseling services for yourself or a loved one, I want to welcome you and let you know that I am here to support you. Whether you are experiencing a situational problem, a crisis, or have long-standing mental health concerns, I can help. My practice is dedicated to supporting the social, emotional, and spiritual growth of individuals living in the Denver area and the surrounding communities. If you are unsure whether counseling services will help you, make an appointment for a free initial consultation and I’ll happily talk about it with you. I offer individual counseling services addressing varying concerns across most diagnostic conditions.


  • I feel confident when referring clients who want to work on personal enhancement to Dr. Jesse Wynn. I have been fortunate to work with Dr. Wynn and witness how his compassion, cultural competence, and genuineness make clients feel heard, understood, and cared for.  Dr. Wynn has a warm approach and tells it like it is – it’s the perfect combination to make clients feel like their health is in good hands. His authenticity, sense of humor, and kindness make him easy to connect with, and his work ethic never ceases to amaze me.  I highly recommend Dr. Jesse Wynn as a clinician.

    - Brinda Prabhakar
  • “Dr. Jesse Wynn is a great psychologist candidate who really cares about his clients. He takes the time to learn about their experiences and collaboratively develop treatment options to help people deal with stress, depression and anxiety, and difficult events in their lives. He is particularly well-suited to working with clients who have co-morbid health problems or a history of traumatic events.”

    - Kerry Cannity, Ph.D.
  • “Dr. Wynn is a competent and well-respected psychologist candidate whom I have had to pleasure to know professionally and personally for the last eight years. His professional knowledge of the field is extensive, and he holds himself to the highest professional standards. As both a clinician and friend, Dr. Wynn’s warm and humble demeanor lends comfort to those around him, and he is widely known to be uniquely empathic, direct, and caring in his therapeutic approach.”

    - Elizabeth Johnson, Ph.D.

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The Roles of Perceived Stress, Coping Styles, and Perceived Social Support on the Alcohol Consumption Among American College Students.

The Roles of Perceived Stress, Coping Styles, and Perceived Social Support on the Alcohol Consumption Among American College Students.

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The intention of this study was to better understand how certain aspects in a college student’s life (i.e., perceived stress, styles of coping, and social support) or how combinations of these variables may contribute to higher levels of alcohol consumption. The present study examined the relationship between perceived stress, functional coping strategies, dysfunctional coping strategies, […]

Treatment of problem gambling: development, status, and future

Treatment of problem gambling: development, status, and future

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Perspectives on the etiology, maintenance, conceptualization, and treatment of problem gambling have evolved over time. Once seen as a failure of moral character, problem gambling is now considered to be an addictive disorder with similarities to substance abuse disorders. Empirical research into the treatment of problem gambling is progressing, but is relatively sparse compared to […]

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