As a mental health provider with a Ph.D. from the University of Denver, I have been providing psychotherapy to individuals, couples, and groups for 9 years. I have provided care to a broad range of adults of all ages in a variety of settings (VA outpatient, corrections, community mental health, and college universities). I routinely provide care to clients experiencing depression, anxiety, difficulties with adjustment, substance use disorders, and a history of trauma. I’ve also supervised and mentored students in graduate programs, taught at the graduate level, and take continuing education courses to stay current with psychological research and trainings.

I strive to integrate multiculturalism into the everyday structure of my practice. I maintain a deep appreciation for the dignity and worth of each person I encounter. I support individuals of all identities including gender, age, culture, race, ethnicity, sexual orientation, language, mental and physical abilities, national origin, spirituality, socio-economic status, political views, and world view.Clinical approach:

My clinical approach is practical, adaptive, and engaging. I focus on applying psychological research, theory, and techniques to each individual’s needs, symptoms, and personality. The amount of time we’ll work together is dependent upon your needs and goals. My primary goal as a clinician is to work in a collaborative relationship to help clients realize their potential. I strongly believe that creating a supportive and caring environment is essential to the process of change.Mission statement:

My mission is to promote individual growth and development to help clients improve their happiness, relationships with others, and life success. I do this in the service of enabling clients to improve their functioning in daily activities and achieve a more satisfying quality of life. This is achieved through comprehensive evaluation and treatment of individuals in a confidential, safe, and inclusive environment where all persons are treated with the same level of respect and honor.


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