Adult Counseling

Everyone craves a life full of happiness, relaxation, and social and occupational satisfaction. Imagine waking up each morning energized for the day, the week… Sounds a little cliché and too good, right?

It’s far from too good! Individual therapy is a liberating process. A process where, if done correctly, you’re almost completely transformed upon termination of our therapy meetings.

Therapy is about helping you feel seen, heard, understood, and most of all – treated with dignity and respect.

Therapy is a transformative process

I consider the work we do together to fully transform the way you think, behave, and feel. I believe the work we complete in therapy nicely translates into your daily life and allows for you to live a more rewarding and fulfilling life.

Symptom reduction is simply the reason you were prompted to contact a therapist. Yes, symptom reduction will happen through our work, but the beautiful transformation occurs when you no longer need to seek a therapist when dealing with or struggling to handle stress, life transitions, anger, etc.

Therapy with me is about teaching you to handle all future situations on your OWN without needing to contact a professional.

My mission is to teach you the skills and help you achieve the insight required to ensure that you no longer need professional intervention.

A safe place to be yourself

In individual therapy, you are offered a safe and confidential place to discuss your thoughts and feelings without judgment. You can gain insight and perspective in a trusting environment – and you may even be challenged, when necessary.

Talking about problems with family, friends, and co-workers can certainly be beneficial. However, these people can often have biases or blind spots that do not allow for entirely authentic communication to happen.

Whether you want help with depression, anxiety, life transitions, stress, or alcohol and/or substance use, I help people achieve long-lasting, persisting, and life-changing insight and behavioral changes which radically change lives for the better.

What to Expect

Expect the first meeting to be a collection of your history. I’ll be asking a lot of questions to ensure I capture the appropriate understanding of what brought you in, is keeping you stuck, and how to best equip you with the necessary tools to solve this puzzle.

But also, it sets the stage for the amazing and life-changing work in front of us.

We’ll spend time talking, developing trust with one another, and slowly you’ll begin to feel that I’m a person with whom you’re able to share your most embarrassing, humiliating, and traumatic stories. This is where therapy takes a beautiful turn.

I invite you to take a moment and reflect… How often have you been in a situation where you were able to share anything at anytime and be heard, accepted, treated with respect, and helped? This is the service I offer.

A story to share:

I once worked with a woman who struggled with anxiety and depression throughout her life. She was born into a dysfunctional family where communication was challenging, and positive attention was rare. She never felt confident in her own skin and often thought she was “not good enough.”

When the stress in her life increased, it often became unmanageable which led her to avoid these overwhelming feelings of anxiety or low mood through constant distraction (e.g., working too much, exercising too much, or engaging in drinking or drug use).

At the time of our initial meeting, this woman did not recognize this behavioral pattern (out-of-conscious awareness). She also had struggled to trust others, especially men.

When our work concluded, my client trusted me with her most intimate secrets. Her ability to trust in me provided her the platform to take risks and begin sharing personal information with others in her life with less fear of being rejected or shut-down. She learned to control her thoughts and behaviors to the point where she began to embrace stressful situations and cope with problems effectively without engaging in avoidance strategies (drinking, exercising, overworking, and putting the issues out of her mind). And she often discussed feeling lighter and less anxious in general.

Following our work together, my client’s social network exploded with deeper and more meaningful relationships, and she was no longer afraid to be herself.

And remarkably my client began living the life she’d only fantasized about. Sure, stress and anxiety still happen. But, she’s learned enough about herself to navigate these problems on her own, without additional professional intervention, and feels confident about herself while doing it!

I invite you to give yourself the gift of therapy!

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