Depression Counseling

You’re always seeing the glass half empty.

Another alarm slept through. Another thought of worthlessness. Energy is nonexistent. Motivation is minimal. Alone is the new normal. Life is beginning to feel hopeless.

These patterns of thinking and behaving begin to spill over into relationships with friends, family, peers, and, eventually, everyone in your social network has been compromised. You find yourself alone, without energy, and empty.

Life has become a dark struggle to push through the day.

This is exhausting and no longer satisfying.

Perhaps you’ve tried to fix this on your own already. Things just are not improving, and your quality of life is way below anything you’d imagined. You’re beginning to fear this fog will never lift. Are you asking, “What’s wrong with me?”

What’s wrong with you is that you’re struggling with the heavy symptoms that accompany a depression.

My guess is that you likely have no idea why this is happening to you or what you can even do about it. All your attempts at remedy have been unsuccessful or don’t sustain, leaving you feeling stuck and helpless.

Call me. Let me help you.

Let’s collaborate and get you on a path to healing and recovery. You’ve suffered enough. Therapy is the most helpful and effective tool for treating a depression.

Therapy offers you a safe place to work through these challenging and trying moments with expert support. I have the solutions to your complex problems and cannot wait to share them with you!

With kindness, empathy, insight, and humor, we’ll collaborate to discover root causes, current unhelpful behaviors, and quickly develop a plan to get you unstuck and into your new life.

Give yourself the gift of therapy.

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